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Rhino postcard
Save the White Rhinoscerous In 2017 1028 White Rhinos were killed that's 3 per day There has been a 9000% increase in Rhino poaching in South Africa. Somewhat of a conservation success story and demonstrating the positive impact effective conservation programmes and awareness can have. We cannot become...
Arthurs Army Donation
Conservation Donation: Cumbria Zoo Company Limited are extremely proud to announce our first commitment to conservation A project which rescues, rehabilitates, releases and protects white rhinos in the wild. It is a harsh reality that rhinos are on the path of extinction within many of our lifetimes."...
Donation - Red Panda Ranger
Save the Red Panda There are as few as 2,500 Red Panda's left in the wild they need our committment and help for the future. Saturday September 15th is International Red Panda Day Safari Zoo want to sponsor a ranger working in Nepal to protect Red Pandas in the wild. Every donation made will go in it's...