Arthurs Army Donation
Arthurs Army Donation
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Conservation Donation:
Cumbria Zoo Company Limited are extremely proud to announce our first commitment to conservation – A project which rescues, rehabilitates, releases and protects white rhinos in the wild.    “It is a harsh reality that rhinos are on the path of extinction within many of our lifetimes."

1028 African Rhinos were lost to poaching in 2017 that is the equivalent of 3 rhinos each day! 

In just a decade, more than 7,245 African Rhinos have been lost to poaching.  Safari Zoo are proud to announce sponsorship of “Arthur the Brave” in association with Care for the Wild Rhino Orphanage. Your £1 donation goes in its entirety to the project.

.  Safari Zoo are proud to announce sponsorship of “Arthur the Brave” in association with Care for the Wild Rhino Orphanage.

 Conservation is in the heart of every member of staff here at Safari Zoo, and being involved with on the ground in-situ effective conservation is important to every one of us.  When choosing projects to support it has been essential to make sure they are effective and the money goes to where it is most needed.   Of all the projects out there staff chose the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary (founded 2001), located in the heartland of Mpumalanga, South Africa.   Rhinos have been at the heart of Safari Zoo since their arrival in 1996,   A Non-Profit Rhino Rescue, Care and Rehabilitation Centre works with nutritionists, ecologists and specialists to save White and Black Rhinos from extinction by securing protected sanctuaries for free-ranging African Rhinos.

 Once chosen staff then went on to vote for the rhino to sponsor and – “Arthurs Army “was born.

In the early hours of Sunday 20th May a gunshot was heard in the Skukuza section of the Kruger National Park, leading to the discovery of an injured White Rhino calf clinging to the slaughtered body of his female White Rhino mum.  Poachers had brutally hacked off both of Mums horns and, as the calfs instinct to protect her and stay as close as possible kicked in, had lashed out with their machetes, seriously injuring the calfs back and his right foot.  Rhino calves are born without a horn so he wasnt of interest to the poachers.

 Care for Wild Rhino Orphanage were ready to receive the calf for urgent care within 10 minutes of the alert being raised.

This brave little fighter was hydrated on arrival, he had drunk from his mother that morning prior to her being killed.  He weighed just 80 kilograms, a White Rhino at birth weighs between 40-60 Kilograms. 


His wounds included a cut to the toe nail, splitting the nail down to the nail bed, and a 4-inch machete gash to his back, slicing through his cartilage dangerously close to his spine.  His wounds were cleaned and bandaged and his deep back wound stitched up. 

 This brave little Rhino was given the regal name Arthur, meaning noble and courageous, and fitting for his fighting survivors spirit.  Arthur is on the road to recovery, he has made friends at the sanctuary with fellow Rhino orphan Summer, K9 Unit trainee puppy Looney and is a firm favourite with his care givers.    In the wild a Rhino calf will stay with his mum for 3 years, learning how to be a Rhino and how to interact with fellow Rhinos.  Arthurs mother was snatched from him at an early age, Arthur still calls out for his Mum, he will be emotionally scarred for a long time.  He has a long road to full recovery ahead but with your support and help he, and other orphans like him, will get there!

 Safari Zoo has pledged to raise the equivalent of $2,000 (approx. £1,600) a month to sponsor Arthurs journey from Rescue, throughout Rehabilitation, to Release and ongoing protection in the wild.  We are determined not to stop there!  Whilst that will support the care of Arthur, there are many more orphan residents at Care for Wild Sanctuary and many activities which require funding to make the sanctuary the safest and most secure it can be and to then provide protection in the wild for our future Rhino generations.

 We can all be part of “Arthurs Army” we have ways for schools, employers, to get involved. Whether you would like to run your own fundraising efforts, make a donation, take part in a fundraising activity here at the park or join us for a team building or corporate event!  

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