Adopt a South Lakes Animal
Gift Box - Adopt an animal
Gift Box - Adopt an animal
Gift Box - Adopt an animal
Gift Box - Adopt an animal
Gift Box - Adopt an animal
Gift Box - Adopt an animal
Gift Box - Adopt an animal
Gift Box - Adopt an animal
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Love the giraffes, scared of the emus? Chose ANY animal in the park and whist we can't let you take them home as well as knowing you're helping you'll get lots of great things throughout the year to remind you of your friendship....

​Standard ​adoption​ pack £13.50

An adoption folder including:

           A colour certificate of your chosen animal
           A welcome letter
           A fact sheet on your chosen animal
           A window sticker

Your name will appear on our Roll of Honour which is put up in the park and on our website the 1st Monday of every month

Regular updates throughout the year.

A free ticket to an 'adopters event' at south lakes wild animal park, with the chance to meet animal carers and get involved in animal activities.

Gift Bagged Adoption Pack £25.00

Currently available for Ring tailed lemurs, Jaguars, Tigers, Penguins, Giraffes, Snow Leopards, Two Toed Sloth, Arctic Wolf & Fennec Fox. Others may be available on request.  
Includes all of the standard pack  plus:
in a gift presentation bag with a large cuddly toy of the chosen animal.

For a list of the animals we have on offer please click here. Your money goes to the upkeep and welfare of the animals. Cuddlies subject to change.

**Christmas bags will be sent for all orders up to 24th Decemeber

About Safari Zoo:

Well its about the animals really –  over 1,000 of the rarest, most endangered animals in unique natural environments which enable the visitor to get as close as physically possible to  experience the sights, sounds, and a few smells, of these amazing creatures we share our planet with.

A natural Zoo with free roaming animals where over 300,000 annual visitors wander amongst Kangaroos, Wallabies, Emus and so much more. Watch Big Cats hunt for their lunch, hand feed giraffes, penguins and camels daily.

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